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FOP members travel

Welcome to all FOP members:

In 2017, Griffin World Wide Travel was chosen as the travel agency for FOP Lodge One and its members.  Marianne Griffin is the owner of Griffin World Wide Travel and a member of the FOP Auxiliary, and proud to be a part of three generations of law enforcement family.

As a travel agent, Marianne is dedicated to keeping her clients informed on the current issues that may affect their travel and to help insure a fun and safe trip.  As a wife of a police officer, she understands the hardships faced by law enforcement families, from AHOD's to court commitments. She understands the issues and is able to work with you to assist in maximizing your trips.

Marianne is available for consultation at no cost to the member and can be found at the FOP Lodge One membership meetings, the first Wednesday of each month.

She will find the best value for you and share ideas as to which companies have the best specials or Law Enforcement discounts. Every booking by an FOP member or a referal from an FOP member helps the Lodge through a donation from Griffin World Wide Travel.